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Case Management Application (CMA)

We have partnered with Microsoft to develop several applications including a Case Management Tool.  We have experience in HR and have experienced staff certified in labor and employee relations.  iSystems has a demonstrated understanding of Labor and Employee Relations workflows and requirements to ensure our case management software will help personnel file, manage, and resolve all employee relations cases and requests effectively and confidentially.  CMA was designed to facilitate standardizing and automating manual HR processes to provide support for cases of disciplinary, grievance, or long-term sick leave, to name a few. Our case management solution was specifically designed to assist HR personnel, managers, and employees in submitting, reviewing, and responding to requests. CMA includes features to help the FAA create custom workflows, convert paper forms into digital content, provide reports and dashboards, and more. Our CMA BI Center includes application integration tools (APIs) to integrate with a variety of business solutions such as CRM software and core HR software.


The YCG Case Management Application (YCMA) is a case management and reporting application built with the very latest technologies and specifically designed to meet the needs of the Labor and Employee Relations Specialist, Managers, Policy Administrators and Executive Leadership for Federal Departments/Agencies. YCMA can be securely accessed from an Internet browser on a computer or mobile device. CMA functionality includes:

  • Track and manage all employee interactions

  • Streamline and simplify operations related to investigations, employee grievances, arbitration proceedings,

  • Provide employee help desk or self-service options

  • monitoring of all HR interactions, including complaints, issues, and questions

  • Labor relations activity

  • Employee grievance activity

  • Performance management

  • Document management

  • Case reporting

  • Built in business intelligence functionality.  CMA comes standard with reports and is highly customizable (no code).

  • We have supported numerous agencies and are well versed in Federal government electronic system security requirements. 

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